Valentino Rossi vs Marc Marquez Clash (Video)

In an intense battle for 3rd place, Rossi & Marquez come together resulting in Marquez crashing out.

Rossi responded in the sixth round already irritated by Marquez. He turned and gestured ‘what are you doing ?! “the Spaniard, who he previously accused of Lorenzo help. When Marquez wanted to pass again, Rossi was looking on the outside of the bend. “I sought a better line and wanted to stop him,” said Rossi, as if his nose was bleeding. “Marc was driving just to sit in my way.” When exiting a corner waiting Rossi Marquez and tapped him on the engine. It would appear that it was a deliberate action

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  • RossiFiles
    Posted at 15:46h, 26 October

    Marc broke the unwritten rule, always respect those fighting for the championship when you’re not! Vale got enraged and hung him dry

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